Free IPTV M3u : How to get Free IPTV on PC ? Is-it légal or illégal ?

IPTV - M3u : What Is It ? Is it Legal ? How It works ? (Best Tutorial)

Welcome to the best post in the world about IPTV. This post is approved by the World IPTV Academy (I just created my own academy lol 😀 ). Good… No more greetings and presentation of the authenticity of the post, let’s get to the point !

You may be wondering what is IPTV or what does m3u mean ? You may be wondering if the use of IPTV is legal or illegal. You want to know how it all works (with a simple explanation, not that of Wikipedia).

So these are the questions to which we will bring clear, clear and precise answers in this post (the best of the world). Are you ready for the adventure ? Can we start ? Let’s go…

1. IPTV : What is it ? What is its purpose ?

What is IPTV?

It is very simple. You will see for yourself …

The IPTV , acronym for Internet Protocol Television (known in French: Internet Television ) is simply a way for TV lovers (like you) to monitor TV channels using the Internet (an IP address) .

You will have understood it … Its utility is none other than to make Television accessible on Internet. It’s exciting, is not it ? In addition, it is a technological advance very interesting !

2. Free IPTV vs. Paid IPTV: What’s the difference ?

Free IPTV vs IPTV Paying!

If you are on our site is that you are among those who want to enjoy the IPTV for free, without buying any subscription. This means that you are looking for Free IPTV.

Yes, but what is the free IPTV just? Will you tell me. The IPTV Free is when you simply enjoy an IPTV service (you follow the TV on the Internet) without paying a single penny.

There are different ways to enjoy IPTV for free, including:

  • By using applications for smartphones or software for PCs that offer TV channels to watch for free. As an example, I can mention the Molotov app , which offers dozens of free TV channels.
  • By using web sites that broadcast free TV channels. Check out some in this beautiful post !
  • Using free m3u links (also called m3u demonstration links).

Regarding Paid IPTV … As you can imagine: it’s simply when you pay an IPTV subscription or buy a m3u link. Do not worry, the prices are not very expensive. Anyone can afford an IPTV subscription without ruining their life.

Generally, prices vary between 20 and 30 euros per year. And the picture quality is high ( HD, Full HD and 4K ). There is also the reading of the TV channels which is much more stable than that of the TV channels offered by the Free IPTV.

3. What types of media can I benefit from IPTV ?

Supports compatible with IPTV!

This is where you will discover the strong point of Free IPTV M3u. This is what makes it more and more appreciated in the 21st century …

The IPTV is compatible with virtually all media that currently exist. It is therefore usable on these supports:

  • Computers (PC or Mac)
  • Smartphones (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry)
  • Android Box
  • tablets
  • Smart TV
  • Xbox One

All you need to enjoy IPTV on the above supports are simply applications and adapted software!

4. M3u file – M3u link: What is it ? What is its role for IPTV ?

What is a M3u file - M3u link?

I will be brief at this level. It’s better for everyone …

A m3u link (or m3u8) is simply a link that contains information about the server and TV channels so that the broadcast of TV channels is possible.

As for the m3u file it is simply a file with the .m3u extension and contains a list of m3u links. It is also said to contain a playlist of TV channels to broadcast.

I hope everything is clear now for you!

5. Is the use of IPTV legal or illegal ?

Is it legal or illegal to use IPTV?

It’s totally legal  to use IPTV. That’s it, the answer is simple and clear. In itself, IPTV is legal !

But then, when does its use become illegal? Very good question. The use of IPTV becomes illegal when the user goes through a provider who does not have the rights to broadcast TV channels.

Know that there are companies or websites that offer TV lovers IPTV subscriptions (often annual) to offer unlimited access to different TV channels.

Some of these companies are legal , which means that they have the right to broadcast TV channels. But there are also others that are illegal : they broadcast TV channels to which they do not have broadcasting rights.

In short, if your IPTV provider has the right to broadcast, it means that your use is legal. If not, it is illegal.

Important : You may be asking this question: « Are the m3u files we offer on legal ? » The answer is “Yes”.

You know why ? Because these are simply m3u demonstration files  . It’s a bit like evaluation versions for paid software.

Indeed, sites that offer paid IPTV subscriptions, often offer m3u demonstration files for potential customers to test the service before purchase.

And we on, our job is to recover these m3u demonstration files (which last 72 hours max validity) and to propose them to you. We are very nice, are not we? 😉

6. Free IPTV : How to use it on PC or Smartphone?

How to use Free IPTV - PC & Smartphone!

Since on we regularly offer m3u files for free download , in this guide, it is impossible that I do not show you how to enjoy Free IPTV on PC or Smartphone. Are you ready ? Okay, here we go!

It’s very simple by the way, the use of free IPTV with m3u files. As I told you when I presented you the supports compatible with the IPTV, it is enough to have a software or an adapted application and the turn is played.

To open or read m3u files on Computer, just use the VLC Media Player software (on PC or Smartphone). If you do not have this software yet, you can download it here from its official website.

7. Free M3u links do not work: What to do?

M3u files does not work? The solution !

You have downloaded a m3u file on our website, you have used it normally, you have taken advantage of the TV, and unfortunately after a while the file no longer works, the channels are not displayed anymore. all. Are you wondering how to deal with this situation? Do you want to know the solution? I tell you everything…

First of all know that on this site we offer free m3u or demonstration files . This kind of files have a usage limit. After a certain time (usually 3 days maximum: 72 hours), the files expire and must therefore be renewed or updated.

This is where the world’s best free IPTV site comes in: Our website regularly updates the free m3u files to allow you to continually watch TV on the internet for free.

All you have to do is to come back from time to time on our site to download new functional m3u files, containing TV channels of entertainment, sports, animes, French TV channels, American TV channels, etc.

So, to conclude this wonderful post (the best of the world of course 😉 ), IPTV is an effective way to watch TV via the internet. And to enjoy the IPTV for free, we must make a habit of regularly visiting our website  !

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